Music Service

Core Services.

Elevate your project with original pieces of music.

Connect with your audience with professional music compositions and lyrics.

Enhance your video with expertly crafted sound effects, foley sounds, and ambiences.

Make your brand heard with a signature sound.

All our work is based on a rich exchange with our partners. The best results are born from a common desire to exceed all expectations and deliver greatest possible product.
Otis Birdy
Co-Founder | Composer

Rise through sound.

At Fenex, we use creativity, process, and technical expertise to deliver impeccable results on every musical project.

We take your core message and expectations and use them to guide the direction of our creativity. The atmosphere, mood, and musical character of our work will be a faithful reflection of your vision.

Music is our craft. Emotions are our impact. We’re masters at evoking the desired feeling and imprinting a memory in line with your brand or creative message.

Your goals and vision drive our work, and we can’t wait to hear them. Contact us anytime – we’d love to talk and find out if our musical approach is exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Process .

Define the scope

Define the framework of your project and identify the targeted mood and end goals.

Research the sound

Analyse possibilities taking into account trends, human behaviour, and your competitors.

Present and brainstorm

Present our initial composition to you, so we ensure we’re moving in the right direction.


Review your feedback and refine the track.
Rinse and repeat until perfect.


Create a clean mix from the track, so you have a polished finished project.


You get to launch your video, advertisement, or other creation, fully enhanced with
the perfect sound.